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In 2004 we purchased approximately 16 acres near the small community of Garner, Texas.  This great location between Weatherford and Mineral Wells with less than an hour drive to Fort Worth allowed us the opportunity to once again become involved with livestock and border collies.  Both of us have livestock backgrounds and Gary had previously trained stockdogs.  Based on our experiences and a lot of research we decided to add Dorper Sheep and Border Collies to our program.  We also raise crossbred goats as goat kids are great starter livestock for young border collies in training.

After 10 years we had the opportunity to purchase a much larger farm (102 acres) in Mineral Wells, TX (just 14 miles from our first place).  With the sale of our Garner farm in 2015 we are settling in at our  new place.  We will be able to increase our flock size and have already added a second fullblood Dorper ram.
We offer Dorper Sheep for Sale and often have Border Collies for Sale.  Dorpers are a great "meat sheep" that are easy to handle.  Border Collies with their natural herding abilities are the perfect complement to the Dorper Sheep and goats.  The dogs make handling all the livestock so much easier.
We often spend weekends at dog trials.  Gary and some of the dogs compete in sheep dog trials throughout the United States as time allows.  We really enjoy the trials as we have made some great friends and always look forward to meeting new people and seeing new places.
We are always trying to increase the quality of our sheep and dogs.  There is very little spare time around here and we're sure that will continue.  Watch for updates as we add more fullblood Dorper ewes to our flock and as the young dogs start training.
Please let us know if we can provide you with Dorper Sheep, crossbred goats, and/or Border Collies.  All are a great investment!  Give us a call, text or send an e-mail.  We'll be glad to try to help.


GSP Dorper Sheep

Gary & Stephanie Payne
3868 FM 2256
Mineral Wells, TX 76067


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